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Fire Safety Security Equipment's

Fire Safety Security Equipment's

About The Service
At SRE we are safeguarding lives and properties by providing top-notch firefighting equipment installation services. With a proven track records of excellence and a team of highly skilled professionals we take pride in being a trusted partner in fire safety solutions for Industrial, and other commercial complexes. Our Misson is to create a safer environment by ensuring that property is equipped with the reliable and effective fire fighting systems.
Fire Sprinkler System

We specialize in designing, Installing and maintaining the fire sprinkler systems tailored to your property’s unique layout and needs. These systems provide a automatic and immediate response to the early stage of fire helping to supress or control it until emergency responder arrives.

Fire Hydrant System

We design and install fire hydrant systems to provide a ready supply of water for fire suppression during emergencies.

Fire Extinguisher Installation

Our expert assesses your property and strategically install fire extinguishers in easily accessible locations. We offer a variety of extinguishers types to combat different fire classes effectively.

Fire Hose Reel System

We install fire hose reels which are essential components of any fire protection plan. Providing an additional line of defence to prevent fire before they escalate.

Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Early detection is critical in fire safety. We install state of the art fire alarm system that can quickly detect smoke or heat and can alert occupants. Enabling a prompt evacuation and minimize potential damage.

Fire Suppressions System

Our company offers various fire suppressions solutions such as clean agent system & Foam Agent Systems.

AMC and Inspection

We offer comprehensive maintenance services to keep all equipment and systems in top notch condition and complaint with regulations.

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